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Publications H. Sela

Publications H. Sela

Sela H, . Spiridon L, Petrescu A, Akerman M, Mandel-Gutfreund Y, Nevo E, Loutre C, Keller B, Schulman A, Fahima T (2010)   Intra specific ancient diversity of splicing motifs and protein surface in the wild wheat Lr10 CC and LRR domains. in preparation

Sela H, Loutre C, Keller B, Schulman A, Nevo E, Korol A, Fahima T (2010) Rapid linkage disequilibrium decay in the Lr10 gene in wild emmer wheat (Triticum dicoccoides) populations. Submitted

Cheng J, Yan J, Sela H, Manisterski J, Lewinsohn D, Nevo E, Fahima T (2010) Pathogen race determines the type of resistance response in the stripe rust-Triticum dicoccoides pathosystem. Physiologia Plantarum 139: 269-279.

Fu D, Uauy C, Distelfeld A, Blechl A, Epstein L, Chen X, Sela H, Fahima T, Dubcovsky J (2009) A Kinase-START Gene Confers Temperature-Dependent Resistance to Wheat Stripe Rust. Science 323:1357-1360

Sela H, Cheng J, Jun Y, Nevo E, Fahima T (2009) Divergent diversity patterns of NBS and LRR domains of resistance gene analogs in wild emmer wheat populations. Genome 52:557-565

Kalendar R, Tanskanen J, Chang W, Antonius K, Sela H, Peleg O, Schulman AH (2008) Cassandra retrotransposons carry independently transcribed 5S RNA. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105:5833-5838