CV E. Nevo

    Eviatar Nevo was born in 1929 and obtained his MSc degree (Distinguished) and PhD degree at the Hebrew University Jerusalem (summa cum laude).

    Nevo is a Foreign Member of the Linnean Society, London (1990),  Ukraine Academy of Sciences (1997); Foreig Associate National Academy of Sciences USA (2000);

    Honorary Member of the Ukraine Botanical Society (1995), the American Society of Mammalogists (2002), and the Israel Zoological Society (2007); Honorary doctorates of World University (1990), the University of Duisberg -Essen, Germany, the Yorker International University, Milan,  Italy. Many awards of  the American Biographical Institute(ABI) and    

    Research  achievements:  Professor Eviatar Nevo is a world leader in Evolutionary Biology   and has contributed substantially to the understanding of genetic diversity and correlates and predictors of genetic diversity in nature, under diverse environmental stresses (chemical, climatic, thermal, biotic, and atomic). His extensive studies (1200 + papers and 26 books) involve the study of genes, genomes, phenomes, populations, species, and ecosystems of bacteria, fungi, plants, animals, and humans focusing on the structure, function, and causation of genetic diversity in nature. He has conducted local (in four natural laboratories of  "Evolution Canyons" in Israel), regional (in Israel and the Near East Fertile Crescent as natural genetic laboratories), and global (across all continents as genetic labs) genetic studies, interdisciplinarily linking genetics and ecology in terms of ecological genetics and ecological genomics, bridging genotypes and phenotypes, integrating molecular and organismal biology,  organism-environment relationships, and elucidating the patterns and causation of genetic diversity in nature. These studies link environmental stress with the level of genetic polymorphism in proteins and DNA across life (bacteria, fungi, plants, and animals) and the entire planet (all continents).  Nevo established the Environmental Theory of Genetic Diversity proposing that, generally, genetic polymorphism AT ALL SCALES, LOCAL, REGIONAL AND GLOBAL, AND ACROSS LIFE, is positively correlated with and predictable by environmental stress.   The "Evolution Canyon" model  initiated by Nevo and dubbed by him the "Israeli Galapagos", became a classical model of biodiversity evolution at a microscale caused by sharp microclimatic interslope divergence confronting  biotic representation of two continents, Africa and Europa. The  200 papers and three books published on the model  involve diverse fundamental problems of evolutionary biology. These include biodiversity evolution , genetic polymorphism, transposon and retrotransposon dynamics and their effects on  genome size, DNA repair; mutation, recombination, and gene conversion rates as well as methylation  associated with stress, lateral transfer, splice variation, wide genome gene expression; and the twin evolutionary processes of   adaptation and incipient sympatric speciation across life from bacteria through fungi, plants, and animals from invertebrates  to mammals.

    In application, he advanced a novel genetic methodology to safeguard the quality of marine environments (documented in 25 scientific papers). Likewise, he substantiated the idea that wild progenitors of cereal and other cultivars harbor rich genetic resources that should be conserved in situ and ex situ (documented in some 300+ papers and a book). They represent the best hope for future genetic crop improvement, advancing the second genetic green revolution, thereby guaranteeing the increase and stabilization of world food production, which is of cardinal importance, particularly in a world population that is still exploding. In practice, he mapped, with colleagues,  several candidate genes and QTLs related to adaptation and domestication and transformed successfully dehydrin genes to Arabidopsis. Nevo and colleagues discovered 77 species of filamentous fungi in the Dead Sea, cloned several genes, transformed the HOG gene to yeast and Arabidopsis and showed that, in principle, they could revolutionize saline agriculture (documented in dozens of papers and one book). Nevo substantiated  the study of subterranean mammals across the globe. He wrote with his colleagues some 330 papers and two books on subterranean mammals across the globe in all continents.   In blind subterranean mole rats, genus Spalax, Nevo and colleagues identified hundreds of hypoxia-tolerant genes that could revolutionize medicine, space flight, and ocean diving. They transformed Spalax VEGF to ischemic mice and saved the leg of an experimental mouse after severing its main blood vessel by generating extensive capillarization and vascularization.

    Professor Nevo founded and directed the Institute of Evolution at the University of Haifa from  1973 to 2008. The Institute of Evolution is a world center of excellence, conducting active integrative research in biodiversity, molecular, genomic, and organismal evolutions, linking field, laboratory, and theoretical research programs across life focusing on stress and genetic evolution. The Institute of Evolution consists now of 25 research laboratories integrating observations, experiments, and developed the theory of STRESS AND FUNCTIONAL GENOMICS in the contexts of GENOMICS, PROTEOMICS, AND PHENOMICS.  In 2005 Nevo  established the International Graduate Center of Evolution with 70 PhD students from 13 countries, thus cultivating the future world leaders of biodiversity including genetic diversity.  Nevo and colleagues have studied the effects of atomic radiation at the Chernobyl disaster and found numerous molecular mutations associated with cancer in the offspring of liquidators who cleaned the site and in those who were born after the event, indicating that the mutations have passed through the germ line from parents to offspring. 

     In 2008 Nevo established the Commercial Company Carmel Biotech

    Building at the Institute of Evolution a new Laboratory of Evolutionary Biotechnology  for utilizing genetic resources for  marketable products. Nevo is currently Director of the International Graduate Center of Evolution.

    May 15, 2010

    Associate Professor
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