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    Peer-reviewed publications

    11. Roux, J., E. Privman, S. Moretti, J.T. Daub, M. Robinson-Rechavi, L. Keller. 2014. Patterns of positive selection in seven ant genomes. Mol. Biol. Evol. 31:1661-1685.

    10. Privman E, Wurm Y, Keller L, 2013. Duplication and concerted evolution in a master sex determiner under balancing selection. Proc R Soc B 280: 20122968.

    9. Simola DF, Wissler L, Donahue G, Waterhouse RM, et al. 2013. Social insect genomes exhibit dramatic evolution in gene composition and regulation while preserving regulatory features linked to sociality. Genome Res 23: 1235-1247.

    8. Privman E*, Penn O*, and Pupko T. 2012. Improving the performance of positive selection Inference by filtering unreliable alignment regions. Mol Biol Evol 29: 1-5.

    7. Ryvkin A, Ashkenazy H, Smelyanski L, Kaplan G, Penn O, Weiss-Ottolenghi Y, Privman E, Ngam PB, Woodward JE, May GD, Bell C, Pupko T, Gershoni JM. 2012. Deep panning: steps towards probing the IgOme. PLoS One 7: e41469.

    6. Barzel A, Naor A, Privman E, Kupiec M, Gophna U. 2011. Homing endonucleases residing within inteins: evolutionary puzzles awaiting genetic solutions. Biochem Soc Trans 39: 169-73.

    5. Barzel A*, Privman E*, Peeri M, Naor A, Shachar E, Burstein D, Lazary R, Gophna U, Pupko T, and Kupiec M 2011. Native homing endonucleases can target conserved genes in humans and in animal models. Nuc Acid Res 39: 6646-6659.

    The HomeBase web server: a searchable collection of homing endonucleases for gene targeting

    4. Penn O*, Privman E*, Ashkenazy H, Landan G, Graur D, and Pupko T 2010. GUIDANCE: a web server for assessing alignment confidence scores. Nuc Acid Res 38: W23-W28.
    TheGUIDANCE web server: estimation of confidence scores for individual alignment positions

    3. Penn O*, Privman E*, Landan G, Graur D, and Pupko T. 2010. An alignment confidence score capturing robustness to guide-tree uncertainty. Mol Biol Evol 27: 1759-1767.

    2. Ninio M*, Privman E*, Pupko T, and Friedman N. 2007. Phylogeny reconstruction: increasing the accuracy of pairwise distance estimation using Bayesian inference of evolutionary rates. Bioinformatics 23: e136-e141.
    Available as part of the SEMPHY package

    1. Stern A, Privman E, Rasis M, Lavi S, Pupko T. 2007. Evolution of the metazoan protein phosphatase 2C superfamily. J Mol Evol 64: 61-70.

    * These authors contributed equally

    Book chapters

    1. Privman E. 2014. Bioinformatic identification of homing endonucleases and their target sites. In Homing Endonucleases (ed Edgell, D). Methods in Molecular Biology 1123: Ch. 2, 27-35.


    Ph.D. Thesis: Hybrid methods inspired by the mutual dependency of sequence alignment and phylogeny reconstruction. 2010. Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Life Sciences.

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