Courses by IOE researchers

The teaching activity of faculty and researchers of the Institute includes courses for undergraduate and graduate students and supervising graduate students. Many dozens of PhD and M.Sc. students have got their degrees under the supervision of IOE faculty (who are simultaneously members of the Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Haifa) and senior researchers. A part of the students are supervised in collaboration with scientists from other Departments of the University of Haifa or other Universities in Israel and the world.

Courses delivered by researchers of IOE: 

Dr. Imad Shams            Molecular and Cellular Biology of Stress
                                         Comparative Physiology

Dr. Ram Reshef             Selected Topics of the Organismal Evolution

Prof. Tzion Fahima       Plant Pathology

Prof. Moshe Inbar         Animal-Plant Interactions

                                         Plausibility Methods in Genomics
                                         Evolution as a Learning Algorithm 
Prof. Sagi Snir                Phylogenetic Methods – Seminar
                                         Introduction to Phylogenetics
                                         Algorithms of Comparative Genomics – Hebrew

                                         Experimental Designing
Dr. Nir Sapir                   Birds Immigration
                                         Population Ecology

                                         Fundamentals of Molecular Evolution
 Dr. Eyal Privman          Bioinformatics Research Methods 
                                         Genomic Mapping 

                                         Biological Clocks
Prof. Eran Tauber         Biological Clocks - English
                                         Population Genetics – English
                                         Population Genetics

  Dr. Sarit Avrani            Environmental Microbiology
                                         Microbial Evolution

 Dr. Adi Livnat                Why Sex? The Mystery of Sexual Recombination – Hebrew 
                                         Behavior Evolution