CV A. Korol

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Professor, Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology
Director, Institute of Evolution
Office: Multi-Purpose Building, Room 217|Phone: 972-4-8240-449 |Fax: 972-4-8288-788
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Subject: Population genetics, evolution of sex and recombination, evolution of domestication, sequence comparisons on the above-gene level; genome mapping
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Education and Degrees

1991 - Rank of 'Full Professor' of Genetics (awarded by the Presidium of USSR Academy of Science).
1988 - Doctor of Biological Sciences (in Genetics), Department of Biology, Leningrad State University.
1976 - Ph.D (in Genetics), Institute of General Genetics, USSR Academy of Science (Moscow).
1971 - M.Sc (in Computer Science), Leningrad Technical University.

Experience and Positions

Since 2008  Director Institute of Evolution (IOE), University of Haifa

Since 1997  Professor of Genetics, University of Haifa
Since 1991  Head Laboratory of Population Genetics, Institute of Evolution,
                      University of Haifa
1989-1991   Head, Laboratory of Population Genetics, Institute of Ecological
                      Genetics, Moldavian Academy of Science, Kishinev (USSR).
1985-1977   Head Laboratory of Genetic Control of Recombination, the same 
1982-1990   Associated Professor, Department of Biology, Kishinev State  University (simultaneously)

Research Interests

  • Evolutionary adaptation to stressful environments using Drosophila as a model
  • Population genetics of multilocus systems (including non-linear dynamics)
  • Recombination variability, evolution of sex and recombination
  • Genome evolution and structure on the above-gene level
  • Genome mapping, including multilocus mapping and physical mapping
  • Genetics of quantitative traits, its evolutionary and practical applications

Model organisms:  Drosophila, plants, fungi

Publications:   The list includes 4 books and >160 papers in referred journals 


Zhuchenko A.A., Korol A.B.  1985. Recombination  in  Evolution and Breeding. Moscow, Nauka Publ., 400pp. (in Russian).

Korol A.B. Preigel I.A., Preigel S.I. 1990. Variability of Crossing-over in Higher Organisms: Algorithms of estimation and population genetic models. Kishinev, Shtiintsa Publ., 407pp. (in Russian).

Korol A.B.,  Preygel I.A.,  Preygel S.I.  1994. Recombination Variability and Evolution. London, Chapman & Hall, 361pp.

Nevo E., Korol, A.B., Beiles, A. & Fahima T. 2002. Evolution of Wild Emmer Wheat: Population genetics, genetic resources, and genome organization of wheat's progenitor, Triticum dicoccoides. Springer-Verlag, 280pp.