Seminars 2018-2019

Scientific Seminars of the Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology and of the Institute of Evolution,

The University of Haifa, during the Fall Semester of the 2018/2019 Academic  Year.

Place: Seminar Room No. 223, 2nd Floor, Institute of Evolution, Multipurpose Building, University of Haifa.
Time: Seminars begins on the stated date at 12:15, unless a different hour is announced.

Oct.15th Jason Chapman University of Exeter, UK Chasing the High Fliers: Radar Studies of Insect Migration
Oct.22nd Liran Carmel Hebrew University Paleo-epigenetics: Studying human evolution using DNA methylation maps
Oct.29th Dan Tawfik Weizmann Institute Chance and pleiotropy dominate genetic diversity in complex bacterial environments
Nov.5th Amos Bouskila Ben-Gurion University Decision Making in the Dark: What Information Can Lead a Lizard to Abandon a Deep Nesting Site She Excavates?
Nov.12th Dale Frank Technion Elucidating the evolutionarily changing functions of Meis TALE-Homeobox proteins during nervous system development in Metazoans (and Not!)
Nov.19th Philippos Papathanos The Hebrew University Engineering invasive Y chromosomes for insect control
Nov.26th Eyal Rahav National Institute of Oceanography The hitchhiker’s guide to bacterial transport: the role of viable dust-borne microbes deposition into marine environments
Dec.3rd Gal Ribak Tel Aviv University What can insect flight biomechanics tell us about the evolution, ecology and physiology of insects?
Dec.10th Yuval Nov The University of Haifa Music, evolution, and genetics
Dec.17th Michal Segoli Ben-Gurion University What do we know about biological nitrogen fixation in insects? Evidence and implications for the insect and the ecosystem
Dec.24th Sagi Snir University of Haifa Human Epigenetic Aging is Logarithmic with Time across the Entire Life Span
Dec.31st Burt Kotler Ben-Gurion University Scales: Etudes on the foraging ecology of desert rodents at different spatial and temporal scales, from micropatch selection to intercontinental consequences of macroevolutionary advances
Jan.7th Guido Sessa Tel Aviv University Manipulation of plant immunity by Xanthomonas type III secreted effectors
Jan.14th Benjamin Podbilewicz Technion   Origins and evolution of cell fusion