Seminars 2019-2020

Scientific Seminars of the Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology and of the Institute of Evolution,

The University of Haifa, during the Fall Semester of the 2019/2020 Academic  Year.

Place: Seminar Room No. 223, 2nd Floor, Institute of Evolution, Multipurpose Building, University of Haifa.
Time: Seminars begins on the stated date at 12:15, unless a different hour is announced.

Nov.11th  Dr. Naama Lang-Yona (Weizmann Institute of Science)  Microbes in the Sky: Health Effects, Distribution, and Geodiversity
Nov.25th  Dr. Moran Gershoni (The Volcani Center)  Sex specific genetics and the paradox of common inherited infertility
Dec.2nd  Dr. Amiyaal Ilany (Bar-Ilan University)  The dynamics of animal social networks: theory and practice
Dec.9th  Prof. Thomas Mueller (Senckenberg Biodiversity and   Climate Research Centre, Germany)  Title to be confirmed
Dec.16th  Prof. Berry Pinshow (Ben Gurion University)  Animal burrow ventilation – new ideas about ancient phenomena
Dec.23rd  Dr. Gilli Greenbaum (Stanford University)  
Jan.6th  Prof. Guy Bar Oz  (University of Haifa)  Crisis on the margins of the Byzantine Empire: Bio-archaeological   approaches  to resilience and collapse in the Negev Desert
Jan.13rd  Dr. Yoni Vortman  (Tel Hai College)  Title to be confirmed

(Note, this is an incomplete list, watch this space for updates)