Tamar Krugman

Research Interests

Tamar Krugman is the curator of the Wild Cereals Gene Bank and a senior researcher at the Institute of Evolution at Haifa University.

Tamar is the manager of the Genomic Lab at the Institute of Evolution. The main research of Tamar is focused on the utilization of wild cereals,Triticum dicoccoides and Hordeum spontaneum, for crop improvement.

This include:

  • study of adaptive mechanism for abiotic stress tolerance,
  • identification of candidate genes for drought resistance,
  • genetic mapping of drought resistance, functional genomics of drought resistance genes,
  • expression study of genes in the gibberellin metabolic pathway under drought stress, and transcriptome analysis of wild wheat under drought.

Tamar is currently involved in transcriptome study of wheat domestication.


Selected Publications

1. Li, Yinghui, Lina Qiu, Qiang Zhang, Xiangxi Zhuansun, Huifang Li, Xin Chen, Tamar Krugman, Qixin Sun, and Chaojie Xie. 2020. Exogenous sodium diethyldithiocarbamate, a Jasmonic acid biosynthesis inhibitor, induced resistance to powdery mildew in wheat. Plant Direct, 4 (4).
2. Li, Yinghui, Lina Qiu, Xinye Liu, Qiang Zhang, Xiangxi Zhuansun, Tzion Fahima, Tamar Krugman, Qixin Sun, and Chaojie Xie. 2020. Glycerol-induced powdery mildew resistance in wheat by regulating plant fatty acid metabolism, plant hormones cross-talk, and pathogenesis-related genes. International journal of molecular sciences, 2020, 21 (2): 673.
3. Varotto, S., Tani, E., Abraham, E., Krugman, T., Kapazoglou, A., Melzer, R., Radanović, A. and Miladinović, D., 2020. Epigenetics: Possible applications in climate-smart crop breeding. Journal of Experimental Botany, eraa188 https://doi.org/10.1093/jxb/eraa188
4. Fatiukha, A., Klymiuk, V., Peleg, Z., Saranga, Y., Cakmak, I., Krugman, T., Korol, A.B. and Fahima, T., 2020. Variation in phosphorus and sulfur content shapes the genetic architecture and phenotypic associations within the wheat grain ionome. The Plant Journal, 101(3), pp.555-572.
5. Fatiukha, A., Filler, N., Lupo, I., Lidzbarsky, G., Klymiuk, V., Korol, A.B., Pozniak, C., Fahima, T. and Krugman, T. 2020. Grain protein content and thousand kernel weight QTLs identified in a durum× wild emmer wheat mapping population tested in five environments. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 133(1), pp.119-131.
6. Ales Pecinka, Christian Chevalier, Isabelle Colas, Kriton Kalantidis, Serena Varotto, Tamar Krugman, Christos Michailidis, María-Pilar Vallés, Aitor Muñoz, Mónica Pradillo, 2019. Chromatin dynamics during interphase and cell division: similarities and differences between model and crop plants, Journal of Experimental Botany, , erz457 https://doi.org/10.1093/jxb/erz457
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