Assaf Distelfeld

Selected Publications


  • Distelfeld, Assaf, Cristobal Uauy, Tzion Fahima, and Jorge Dubcovsky. 2006. “Physical Map of the Wheat High-Grain Protein Content Gene Gpc-B1 and Development of a High-Throughput Molecular Marker.” New Phytologist 169: 753–63.
  • Uauy, Cristobal, Assaf Distelfeld*, Tzion Fahima, Ann Blechl, and Jorge Dubcovsky. 2006. “A NAC Gene Regulating Senescence Improves Grain Protein, Zinc, and Iron Content in Wheat.” Science (New York, N.Y.) 314 (5803): 1298–1301. * equal contributor to the first author.
  • Assaf Distelfeld, C Li, and J Dubcovsky. 2009. “Regulation of Flowering in Temperate Cereals.” Current Opinion in Plant Biology 12 (2). Elsevier Ltd: 178–84.
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  • Avni, Raz, Moran Nave, Tamar Eilam, Hanan Sela, Chingiz Alekperov, Zvi Peleg, Jan Dvorak, Abraham Korol, and Assaf Distelfeld. 2014. “Ultra-Dense Genetic Map of Durum Wheat × Wild Emmer Wheat Developed Using the 90K ISelect SNP Genotyping Assay.” Molecular Breeding 34 (4): 1549–62.
  • Nave, Moran, Raz Avni, Batsheva Ben-Zvi, Iago Hale, and Assaf Distelfeld. 2016. “QTLs for Uniform Grain Dimensions and Germination Selected during Wheat Domestication Are Co-Located on Chromosome 4B.” Theoretical and Applied Genetics 129 (7) 1303-1315.
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