Eviatar Nevo

Professor EmeritusFounder of the Institute of Evolution and Director during 1970-2008Office: Multi-Purpose Building, Room 227 | Phone: 972-4-8240-448 | Fax: 972-4-8246-554Email: nevo@research.haifa.ac.ilSubject: Evolutionary biology

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Aaron Avivi

Research Professor Office: Multi-Purpose Building, Room 231 | Phone: 972-4-8240-446 | Fax: 972-4-8288-235Email: aaron@research.haifa.ac.ilSubject: Molecular biology and functional genomics studies of the hypoxia- and cancer- tolerance of the subterranean mole rat, Spalax


Sophia Barinova 

Associated ProfessorOffice: Multi-Purpose Building, Room 234/8 | Phone: 972-4-8249799 | Fax: 972-4-8288-235Email: sophia@evo.haifa.ac.il Subject: Diversity and ecology of the freshwater algal and cyanobacterial communities in the rivers, lakes, natural and artificial ponds of Israel, Bio-indication of water quality and environmental impact


Alex Beharav

Ph.D., Senior Researcher, Teaching Fellow, Curator of the Wild Lettuce Gene BankOffice: Multi-Purpose Building, Room 234/6 | Phone: 972-4-8240-119 | Fax: 972-4-8288-172Email: abeharav@univ.haifa.ac.ilSubject: Biodiversity, creation and evolution, plant germplasm, population genetics, species definition, wild lettuce

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Alexander Bolshoy

Professor EmeritusOffice: Multi-Purpose Building | Phone: 972-4-8240-382 | Fax: 972-4-8288-235Email: bolshoy@research.haifa.ac.ilSubject: Comparative genomics, molecular evolution, computational virology, machine-learning algorithms for sequence analysis

Amots Dafni

Professor Emeritus, Department of Evolutionary and Environmental BiologyOffice: Multi-Purpose Building, Room 147 | Phone: 972-4-8240-312 | Fax: 972-4-8240-312Email: adafni@research.haifa.ac.ilSubject: Pollination ecology focused on: orchids, deceptions, fragmentation, pollen and stigma biology

Giora Heth

Professor EmeritusOffice: Multi-Purpose Building, Room 149 | Phone: 972-4-8240-447 | Fax: 972-4-8288-235Email: heth@research.haifa.ac.ilSubject: Animal chemical communication; olfactory neuroscience; evolution of behavior; subterranean rodents

Elena Ivanitskaya

Ph.D., Senior Researcher, RetireEmail: lenaiva@research.haifa.ac.ilSubject: Comparative cytogenetics
Associate Professor Email: valery@esti.haifa.ac.ilSubject: Population genetics, analysis of molecular genetic sequences, modeling complex biological systems, discrete mathematics

Abraham Korol

Professor, Emeritus Department of Evolutionary and Environmental BiologyDirector of  the Institute of Evolution during 2009-2013Office: Multi-Purpose Building, Room 217 | Phone: 972-4-8240-449 | Fax: 972-4-8288-788Email:korol@research.haifa.ac.ilSubject: Population genetics, evolution of sex and recombination, evolution of domestication, sequence comparisons on the above-gene level; genome mapping 

David Mester

Ph.D., Senior Researcher, RetireOffice: Multi-Purpose Building, Room 217 | Phone: 972-4-8288-678 | Fax: 972-4-8288-678Email: dmester@research.haifa.ac.ilSubject: Genome mapping, physical mapping, evolution theory, optimization theory 

Yefim I. Ronin

Associate ProfessorOffice: Multi-Purpose Building, Room 217 | Phone: 972-4-8288-041 | Fax: 972-4-8288-678Email: efim@research.haifa.ac.ilSubject: Genetic mapping, especially QTL mapping; optimization theory; identification, adaptation and control of dynamic systems; theory of statistical decisions and its biological applications; automata models of dynamic system

Edward N. Trifonov

Professor Emeritus, Department of Evolutionary and Environmental BiologyEmail: trifonov@research.haifa.ac.ilSubject: Sequence biology, protein modularity and early molecular evolution

Solomon P. Wasser

Professor Emeritus, Department of Evolutionary and Environmental BiologyOffice: Multi-Purpose Building, Room 218 | Phone: 972-4-8249-218 | Fax: 972-4-8288-197Email: spwasser@research.haifa.ac.ilSubject: Biotechnology and biodiversity of fungi (theory and application)